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100 Miles in a day

100 Miles in a Day! Gloucester 24 Hour Race Report By David Nightingale August 12/13, 2023, was the weekend of my very first 100-mile race

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Developing Resilience:

Developing Resilience: Lessons From Ultramarathons Resilience is the ability to adapt and bounce back from adversity. It’s a crucial trait for anyone looking to achieve

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Pinole, the food behind the Tarahumara’s running prowess. Pinole, a traditional Mexican food made from ground roasted maize, has been hailed as the secret ingredient

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Workplace Running Club

Creating a running culture in the workplace. Running clubs and fitness culture have become increasingly popular in companies as a way to improve employee morale,

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Speedwork for Ultras

Putting in the miles should allow you to finish an ultra, but mixing up your training will help you finish strong. Logging volume with plenty

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Proper Running Biomechanics

Proper running biomechanics is something many running coaches are hesitant to discuss. Years of observation, trials, and science leave excellent runners still debating how to

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Stretching For Runners

Static Stretching for Runners When you first start out as a runner, you will probably think about stretching. It seems like the standard advice to

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