Do I need an Online Running Coach?

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Do you need an online running coach?

Do I need an online running coach? That’s a question I’m often asked from athletes?

The answer isn’t as straightforward as a simple Yes or No. Some athletes will find it more beneficial than others.

Sometimes a runner will come to me, they may have been running a few months and want to chip a few minutes off a 10k time or want to run their first half marathon, they feel as though working with a running coach might help them, I’d agree it will definitely help them (providing they choose the right coach) but do they really need a running coach at this stage of their running career? Probably not… Unless they lack motivation, which is rarely the case with new runners.

Adding Quality and Increasing Volume

They could probably make the improvements needed just by adding some quality or increasing volume, with some simple additions or tweaks they will improve organically, I’ll advise them of this, give them a few tips and tell them when they’ve gone as far as they feel they can go with their own training to come back to me as then it might be more beneficial to start paying out money for a running coach.

Runners with Specific Goals.

There are other runners that may be looking to complete their first marathon, again providing they have the motivation to get out there and feel confident in their mental resilience to get the training done and to finish the race then they can probably find a free generic plan online that will help them finish the race, it may not get them in within the best time possible for the athlete and definitely won’t factor in any of their life commitments into the training (which is extremely important) but if they’re not concerned about times then again no need to pay an online running coach.

Now this might all sound as though I don’t need new athletes and I just like to put people off working with a running coach but this couldn’t be further from the truth. I love working with new athletes and I truly believe that putting your training in the hands of a professional that will ensure that all bases are covered and that you are getting the very best out of yourself is a sure fire way of achieving things you thought may not have been possible.

Working with a Running Coach

If you’ve been running for some time and feel you may have reached a plateau with your own training or perhaps your busy with work and family and just need someone to take care of the details for you so that all you have to do is go out and run, or maybe you simply don’t know what the best thing to do is, why would you? You’re a just a runner that wants to run. You may have some time goals, a sub 4 or sub 3 hour marathon, a sub 20 minute 5km, a Spartathlon qualifier, or even international team selection. Whatever the goal, it’s highly likely that working with the right online running coach will help you get there.

So, is working with a running coach the right thing for you? Only you know the answer… I always chat through the potential pros and cons with anyone looking to work with me so do please get in touch, we can have a chat (completely free) and work out if it’s right for you or not, and if not then hopefully you’ll go away from our chat with some new found knowledge and advice to take into your own training, and if you decide that yes, I need a coach and Nathan Flear is the running coach I want to work with then I’ll look forward to being part of your journey to becoming the very best athlete you can be…

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