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When Jordan Joseph Apparel first reached out to me I had to admit I’d never heard of them but now everywhere I go they’re there. If you’re not so familiar with Jordan Joseph apparel read up on their journey so far by visiting

So what makes the Jordan Joseph range so spectacular? Well having gone from never hearing from them to being kitted out in the men’s JJ range I must say I can’t imagine wearing anything but. The new sleek jacket not only looks amazing it feels absolute luxury when wearing it. By luxury I mean the breathable material feel likes silk against my skin when wearing it.

Now let me tell you Jordan Joseph doesn’t mess around when it comes to apparel. From what I’ve seen and worn of Jordan Joseph it’s all top notch! Firstly, let’s start with the design…

When I first received the package in the post it was wrapped in a sleek white box which already made me nod my head in approval before I’d even seen inside. There’s something about a company who takes pride in their packaging as well as their clothing, and before you even open the box you already like the product and know it’s going to be expertly made. In this case it was!

Upon opening the box I pulled out a smooth jet black designed jacket with a defined blue off centre strip down the zip for men the women’s are black with pink. As with all new purchases the first thing you do is put it on and that’s exactly what I did. The smooth silky texture and lightweight jacket felt incredible to touch and once it was on I was reluctant to take it off. Now you don’t see me at a race without it. The jacket is designed for most weather conditions with its ninja hood and temperature regulating fabric.

The design of the jacket is very cool and edgy looking and makes a real statement when wearing it.

The sleeves are slightly long on the jacket intentionally to allow freedom for your arms when moving or stretching, so you feel absolutely no restraint whilst running which shows Jordan Joseph understand and care for each of their customers by including these amazing perfected features in the clothing range. There are also quick access thumb loops to allow warmth and comfort on more windy runs.

The shorts were as incredible as the jacket and come with a built in none chafing lycra compression under layer and rear pocket zip for those small essentials. There is a side mesh which is ultra-comfy and allows for great air flow whilst in hot weather. The elasticated waist and pull cord are a great addition to the shorts as I personally look for this when buying shorts for racing and training.

Overall, the Jordan Joseph Apparel is a huge contender for the larger branded running apparel, They understand the runner and have taken extra care in both their detail and delivery to ensure that from the moment you place your order you are taken care of.

So Jordan Joseph if you’re looking for an international athlete to help promote your brand for the occasional free package then look no further ? I loved them!!

You can get your hands on your very own Jordan Joseph apparel direct online at, The Jacket currently retails at £75 whilst the shorts are £30, they also offer other great clothing so go ahead and checkout their store online.

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