Are You Ready To Elevate Your Running Game?

Whether you’re hitting a plateau, stepping into your first pair of running shoes, or chasing elite goals like representing your country or setting new records, I’m here to help. I’ve been in your shoes—literally!

Meet Nathan Flear: Your Coach to Running Excellence

I’m Nathan Flear, a proud member of Team GB and the Wales international running team.

My transformation from overweight and unfit to elite athlete is featured in the bestselling book, *Puddings to Podiums*. Through my own journey, I’ve immersed myself in the world’s finest running cultures—from the elite Kenyan marathoners in the Rift Valley to the legendary Tarahumara tribe in Mexico, and even the Yogis of the Himalayas, living with, training with, and coaching some of the worlds best athletes

Leveraging these diverse experiences, I’ve developed unique coaching methodologies that propelled me to the pinnacle of running—competing internationally for my country. Now, I’m dedicated to transferring this wealth of knowledge and insight to you. TO HELP YOU BECOME THE BEST RUNNER YOU CAN BE!

Learn from my athletes

Don’t Just Take My Word For It—Hear From My Athletes

Calum Blow
Calum Blow
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Anybody looking for some help & guidance with their running goals, look no further than Nathan, his passion & genuine want to see others succeed stand out a mile! Having produced a perfect prep to help get me to a top 35 finish at Marathon Des Sables, I’m excited to see what’s next!
Robbie Barlow
Robbie Barlow
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Nathan's approach and attention to detail has made me rethink all of my training and I am a more focused and content runner and I feel that I am starting to fulfil my potential. In the last 12 months, Nathan's programme has helped me achieve significant personal best times at distances from 5K to a full marathon. I continue to work with Nathan as we look to target further improvements in my approach to running and personal best times.
Andy Day
Andy DayKeys 100 Winner 2023
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A top coach, great guy with an infectious smile & a good friend. His passion for the sport of running is there for all to see. He genuinely cares about everyone he coaches or offers advice to. No generic / one size fits all rubbish here!
Matt Ryan
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Nathan coached me for the 2019 London marathon in search for my sub 3 hour goal that I had been trying for the last 5 years, I was not really sure if it was possible for me to do so which is why I decided to get Nathan’s help. He made me work hard but my job is very physically demanding so I was worried about this but Nathan worked in a great schedule that enabled me to do both.
Llion IwanDragons Back Finisher 2019
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I’ve been running for over thirty years and have read widely and consulted other experienced runners & coaches for advice and guidance. But since working with Nathan I’ve developed and improved beyond recognition as a runner.

Is This Coaching Right For You?

While running can be a casual hobby or a way to enhance mental and physical health, my coaching is tailored for those who believe they have untapped potential or ambitious goals. If you're ready to push your limits and explore how far you can go, you're in the right place.


Andy Day. Finishing Ultra X Morocco with tailored Elite Coaching.

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