Speedwork for Ultras


Putting in the miles should allow you to finish an ultra, but mixing up your training will help you finish strong. Logging volume with plenty of miles is generally enough to finish an ultra (unless that ultra has extremely strict cut off times) Run as much as you possibly can, plenty of ‘time on feet’ [...]

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Tapering for the Marathon!


You’ve dedicated months of your busy life training for this marathon. You’ve got up early, gone to bed late, sacrificed your Sunday morning lie in and your evening time in front of the TV or down the pub. You’ve done intervals, tempos, long runs, and logged countless easy miles (hopefully). With only 3 weeks to [...]

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What should I be doing when it comes to marathon training?


If you're working with a coach you'll have your workouts/sessions lined up for you on a weekly basis but if you're going about your marathon training alone it can sometimes get a little confusing. What should I be doing? How fast should I do them? Should my long run be slow? These are just a [...]

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5 Tips for Marathon Training!


Whilst living and training with the Kenyan marathoners I began to really see the differences in how they do things to how we do them. There's a lot we can learn from the East Africans, not just about running but how they lead their lives in general. The athletes I coach for the marathon are [...]

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Want to improve as a runner? Slow Down!


Want to improve as a runner? Slow Down! I keep harping on about slowing down.. Ask most of the athletes I coach, if there's one thing I'm constantly reminding them, it's to slow down!! Having spent quite a bit of time in Kenya coaching and training it's obvious to see the benefits of going slow, [...]

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